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Giovanni Palombo – Improvvisazione Fingerstyle

21 febbraio 2014
Feltrinelli, Viale Libia 186, Roma
7 Febbraio 2014, 18.00

Incontro – Concerto con Giovanni Palombo per la presentazione del suo nuovo libro: “Improvvisazione Fingerstyle”.

About Giovanni Palombo:

“I first met Giovanni Palombo many years ago when he came as a student to the Berklee Umbria Jazz clinics. He was already a solid guitarist who like all of us was searching for his own voice. We met many times after that as friends. Giovanni quickly discovered his love of the acoustic guitar and it’s many possibilities long before it was in fashion. He is an excellent writer and has organized some very interesting groups to perform his writing. I’m sure any guitarist interested in exploring the many possibilities of the acoustic guitar would benefit greatly from this book.

Congratulations Giovanni.”

Jim Kelly
(performer artist and guitar teacher at Berklee School of Music, Boston U.S.A.)

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